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Junk Removal Prices: Pricing Junk Removal Jobs

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

How Junk Removers price their jobs?

One of the biggest considerations when looking for a junk removal company is pricing. How do junk removers price their jobs? Some companies price jobs based upon the truck size; others by individual items; and some price by giving an in-person estimate. Some of the big franchise estimates are priced based upon the size of their truck, which can be very expensive. Then there are the local guys with a standard, flatbed pickup truck, which can be more cost effective depending on your needs. No matter who you choose, pricing should always be a big consideration. When looking for a junk removal company, you're going to find three types of pricing, high-end pricing, low-end pricing, and somewhere in the middle.

What are some of the cost factors that goes into pricing?

There are many factors when a junk remover prices a hauling job. Some of those factors include salary, gas, advertising, supplies, and other misc. expenses. Bigger franchise companies may also include franchise fees in their pricing. Beware of the upcharge. Some companies may quote a lower price to confirm the job, but then get to your home and up charge you based upon the items. An in person estimate it the surest way to obtain a true quote with no up charge.

How does the size of the vehicles affect pricing?

The number of items to be hauled is a huge factor when considering the price of a job. Companies with bigger trucks have the ability to haul more items in one load, but the price could be higher to accommodate for use of a bigger truck. On the opposite side, a smaller truck could provide a lower quote, but may mean less items can be hauled at a time resulting in multiple loads to clear your junk. Knowing exactly what items you would like hauled is the most helpful and most important component in obtaining an accurate quote.

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Unknown member
Jan 22, 2022

Cash for car professionals knows that every vehicle is not worth the same amount. Instead of offering a set price, each vehicle receives an estimate

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