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Say Goodbye to Clutter with Cheap Junk Removal Baltimore

Junk Removal Prices

How much does junk removal cost?  On average, junk removal Baltimore prices is between $70 to $570 with most homeowners spending between $150 and $350. A single-family home will pay around $210 for same day junk removal while a business will spend about $500. We offer same day junk removal service.

Still not convinced?

Pricing for our  cheap junk removal Baltimore  Services is affordable and  fair. At Horton's Hauling, we charge by the location and the items for our trash removal services. Our cheap junk removal Baltimore prices are negotiable as well. Ask us what's the best we can do for your moving and hauling needs. We provide everyday junk removal pricing based upon individual loads. We remove junk where ever it's located inside or outside of your home. We offer cheap junk removal Baltimore.

Specialty items such as Hot tubs, sheds, safes and other large, heavy items are charge separately hauling jobs.

Horton's Hauling cannot haul away any Hazardous Materials. Here is a list of unacceptable items:

1. Paint solvents.

2. Pesticides

3. Pool chemicals

4. Propane tanks

5. Helium tanks

6. Batteries, etc 

But wait...there's more

Horton's Hauling takes pictures of all jobs for promotional and security purposes. We haul trash  removal to landfill. Tell us your budget and we will try our best to work within that. We are your Baltimore hauling company. We offer cheap junk removal Baltimore service.

There is an extra charge for wood, flooring, sheetrock and building materials. 


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