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Hauling Services

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

What are hauling services?

Do you have items that you no longer have use of, or junk that may not be denotable? A hauling company will provide a pickup service to get rid of all your unwanted items. It could be an old couch or loveseat, mattress and box spring, or items piling up in your basement, storage area or garage.

How much does hauling services cost?

On average, junk removal costs $70 to $500. Most companies charged by the truck load (a set price for a full truck load of times, regardless of the items, however some companies charge by the specific items. Keep in mind, heavier items that will require more than one staff to carry (sectional sofas, refrigerators, and the like) could increase the charge of your haul.

How do you pick the right hauling Company?

Due diligence. There are several types of hauling companies to choose from… from the local guys who operate predominately in their local neighborhood and immediate surrounding areas, and big franchise companies. Choosing one to fit your needs, in your price range, can seem like a hassle. But these tips will help you pick the right hauling company to meet your needs.

First, Google is your friend. Google can help you narrow down haulers in your area and provide insight to their company via reviews. Second, when shopping around always ask what location the hauler services. A hauler outside of your neighborhood may charge more to accommodate for the distance. Next, know your budget. Be sure your expectations are reasonable for the items you wish to haul. If you have very large items that will require two or more people to carry, that could affect the price. Also, be honest about all the items you wish to have removed. Give as much information to the hauler during the initial call as you can. This will help to ensure you are quoted the best possible price and that there will be no surprises when the team arrives for the job. Lastly, were they professional on the call? And did they communicate their availability effectively. First impressions are important. A reputable hauler will be friendly, professional, and ask all of the above questions to ensure they are providing the best service possible.

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Benjamin Patch
Benjamin Patch
Jan 09, 2023

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